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These are the general terms and conditions of Lonneke Tubbing. Lonneke Tubbing's address is Leeuweriklaan 44, 6713 BP Ede, with the Chamber of Commerce number 62144774.


If you have any questions about these conditions, you can contact us or by telephone: 0624991674.


We have the right to change these general terms and conditions. You agree that the latest version of these general terms and conditions will always apply to the assignment. Agreements that deviate from these general terms and conditions are only valid if recorded in writing.


1.    Services

Our services consist of video and photography.


2.    Application of General Terms and Conditions

These general terms and conditions apply to every offer, quotation and assignment between Lonneke Tubbing and the Client.


3.    Establishment of assignment

The assignment is concluded when the client shows that it agrees with the assignment.

4.    Quotations and offers

4.1. All offers and quotations made by Lonneke Tubbing are without obligation, unless otherwise agreed. An offer in a quotation only applies to the specific underlying assignment (and not to any future assignments).

4.2. If the Client provides Lonneke Tubbing with information, Lonneke Tubbing may assume that this information is correct and Lonneke Tubbing will base the quotation on this information.

5.    Price

5.1. Lonneke Tubbing may increase the price for the service in the interim if unforeseen and cost-increasing circumstances occur after the completion of the assignment.

5.2. If Lonneke Tubbing is forced to increase the price due to the circumstances mentioned in the previous article, the Client has the right to cancel the order. Costs or hours already incurred will be charged. In such cases, the Client is not entitled to compensation or damages.

5.3. The price excludes any expenses incurred by Lonneke Tubbing and excludes VAT and other government levies.


6.    Payment and collection costs

6.1. Payment must be made by transfer to a bank account designated by the contractor, within 14 days after the invoice date. Unless otherwise agreed.

6.2 For wedding reports, an invoice with down payment will be sent after the introductory meeting. Once this has been paid, the order has been officially booked. The remaining invoice will be sent one month before the booked wedding.
6.3. From the day on which the client is in default, he owes the contractor interest equal to the statutory interest until the day of full payment of the principal amount of interest and costs.

7.    Execution period

If the Client owes an advance payment or must make information or materials available, the period within which Lonneke Tubbing must complete the work will only commence once the payment, information or materials have been received by Lonneke Tubbing.


8.    Execution of assignment

8.1. Lonneke Tubbing will carry out the assignment to the best of her knowledge and ability and in accordance with the requirements of good craftsmanship, in the style in which Lonneke Tubbing usually works.

8.2. The Client ensures that he provides Lonneke Tubbing in a timely manner with all information or materials that are necessary for Lonneke Tubbing to carry out the assignment.

8.3. If the Client does not provide the necessary information or materials in a timely manner, Lonneke Tubbing may suspend the execution of the assignment and invoice the additional costs resulting from the delay. Lonneke Tubbing is not liable for damage caused by Lonneke Tubbing based on incorrect or incomplete information provided by the Client.


9.    Force majeur

9.1. Lonneke Tubbing does not have to fulfill her obligations if there is force majeure.

9.2. Lonneke Tubbing can suspend the obligations arising from the assignment during the period that the force majeure continues. If this period lasts longer than one month, both parties may terminate the assignment without being obliged to pay compensation.

9.3 If Lonneke Tubbing has partially fulfilled its obligations and if the fulfilled part has independent value, Lonneke Tubbing may invoice the fulfilled part.​

10.   Copyright

10.1. Everything that Lonneke Tubbing supplies remains the property of Lonneke Tubbing until the Client has fully fulfilled all its obligations.

10.2. Lonneke Tubbing is entitled to use the works created to promote professional activities, including, but not limited to, use on/in the website, brochures, social media, blogs, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

10.3. The works may only be made public with a clearly visible mention of Lonneke Tubbing's name. For example, if the Client wants to post photos on social media, the Client must mention Lonneke Tubbing's name. the personality rights of Lonneke Tubbing. 

10.4. The Client is not entitled to distribute the work commercially, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

10.5. The delivered images may not be modified in any way by the client or by a third party, including cropping photos/videos and editing the color layer.

10.6. Unless otherwise agreed, the Client is not authorized to grant sublicenses to third parties, nor to transfer its own license. Third parties who, for example, have supplied products / services for this assignment, must contact Lonneke Tubbing directly to use the digital images. Additional terms apply for commercial use.

11.  Delivery

11.1. Lonneke Tubbing takes a selection of all the images taken. This selection will be edited in the style of Lonneke Tubbing's portfolio. Lonneke Tubbing does not offer access to undelivered photographic images or raw files.

11.2. Digital files of wedding reports have an estimated delivery time of up to 4 weeks. Digital files from a different type of shoot (love shoot, business shoot, etc.) have a delivery time of 3 weeks. The digital files are delivered after payment has been made. Due to busy periods or holidays, a longer delivery time can be agreed by e-mail.

11.3 ​The images are emailed to the client via WeTransfer and/or a personal gallery.

12.  Cancellation of the order​

12.1. In the event of a cancellation after confirmation of the booking up to 14 days before the assignment, the planned assignment can be canceled. Lonneke Tubbing will then propose a new date once without additional charge. Due to Lonneke Tubbing's full agenda, the offer of the new date will be limited, which is the client's risk due to the cancellation. In case of cancellation without a new shoot date, 50% of the agreed amount will be charged.

12.2. In the event of a cancellation after confirmation of the booking up to 1 week before the assignment, 50% of the agreed amount will be charged.

12.3. In the event of a cancellation after confirmation of the booking up to 3 days before the assignment, the agreed amount will be charged.

12.4. Only in the event of unforeseen circumstances, including illness or death, not including the weather or other agreements made, it is possible to cancel free of charge up to 24 hours in advance, after which the shoot will be rescheduled and take place within 1 month. In case of cancellation without a new shoot date, 50% of the agreed amount will be charged.


13.  Research

13.1. The Client must examine the delivered goods when it is made available to him or when the work has been carried out. The Client must investigate whether the quality and quantity of the delivered goods correspond with what was agreed and whether it meets the requirements that the parties agreed on.

13.2. The Client must notify Lonneke Tubbing in writing of any visible defects within fourteen days of delivery. He must inform Lonneke Tubbing in writing of any invisible defects sixty days after discovery. The notification must contain a detailed description of the defect.

14.  Liability

14.1. Lonneke Tubbing is only liable for direct damage suffered by the Client that is directly and exclusively the result of a shortcoming on the part of Lonneke Tubbing.

14.2. Lonneke Tubbing is not liable for damage caused by Lonneke Tubbing based on incorrect or incomplete information provided by the Client.

14.3. Lonneke Tubbing's liability is always limited to the invoice value with a maximum of €2500.00.

14.4. Lonneke Tubbing's liability is in any case limited to the amount that his insurer pays out in that case.

14.5. The limitations of liability included in this article do not apply if the damage is due to intent or gross negligence on the part of Lonneke Tubbing.


15.  Limitation period

The limitation period for all claims and defenses against Lonneke Tubbing is one year.

16.  confidentiality

16.1. Unless there is a legal or professional obligation to disclose, Lonneke Tubbing will keep all information of the Client confidential towards third parties.

16.2. Lonneke Tubbing will not use the information provided by the Client for a purpose other than that for which it was obtained, unless Lonneke Tubbing acts in a procedure in which these documents may be important.

16.3. The Client will not make the contents of agreements, order confirmations, quotations, reports, advice or other written or non-written statements from Lonneke Tubbing public and will ensure that third parties do not see the content thereof.


17.  Travel and accommodation

All travel and accommodation costs are considered additional costs and are not included in the quotation. These will be added separately to the final invoice. A compensation of € 0.40 (excl. VAT) per km driven is charged, which also includes travel time. Unless otherwise agreed in writing.

18.  Conflicting clause

In the event that these general terms and conditions and the agreement contain conflicting conditions, the conditions included in the agreement will apply.



Contact details Lonneke Tubbing

Leeuweriklaan 44

6713 BP Ede

+31 6 24 99 16 74

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