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Lonneke Tubbing Podcast

Welcome to my podcast! I have an enormous passion for video and photography, entrepreneurship, personal development, mindset and so on. I never tire of talking to people about these topics, so why not get a microphone and a camera? Every time an inspiring person joins us to share his or her knowledge and story.

Latest Episode
#9 Lonneke Tubbing | Boyan Ortse - Networking is everything, the key to success, how do you stand out

Boyan Ortse (also known as Boyanoo on Instagram) is a Visual Artist and Cinematographer who specializes in capturing campaigns, events and other projects. He travels the world with his camera and drone to create the most beautiful images. With years of experience in the field of video, drone and graphic design, he is passionate about leading the coolest projects. From concept to beautiful and professional end results.

He believes in hard work and that the best people are not afraid to be themselves. This is expressed by one of his favorite sayings: "Stay Weird." If you are not afraid to be yourself and all your creativity and passion comes into its own in your work, then the results speak for themselves!

Lonneke Tubbing
Boyan Ortse - Netwerken is alles, de sleutel naar succes, hoe val je op
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Ready for a good conversation?

Would you also like to join my podcast and talk about video/photography, entrepreneurship, your story, mindset (coaching), success, etc?

Please feel free to contact me! This way we can make beautiful things and connect together!

Lonneke Tubbing
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